Welcome to the Chester County Science Research Competition!

About Our Fair

This website will provide information for school coordinators to upload projects for the Chester County Science Research Competition. It will also provide a platform for judges to evaluate those projects. We are excited you decided to participate in the science fair and we hope this website will make the process go smoothly!

Ready to Get Down to Science

If you are a judge, use the top menu to register or login to STEM Wizard. Coordinators and students will receive separate instructions. Our fair will be starting in March, and we are excited to see all of the students' projects!


The Chester County Science Research Competition would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their tireless support.
With their commitment, students have an opportunity to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge projects,
and compete annually for awards and scholarships.

Additional Sponsors

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Chester County Science Research Competition
please contact Ms. Kathy Gurnee for more information.

For technical questions and support, please contact your event administrator